Front Office Services Activities (FOSA) is the banking arm of Mwalimu National that provides basic and affordable banking services to meet members' needs.

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Golden Product


We are glad to introduce to you a new retirees’ product called Golden account. This product is meant to provide a safe gap for you on retirement between date of retire and receipt of your pension.

 Product Features:

1.  Only retired members are eligible. These are members who are leaving employment due to mandatory/voluntary retirement and whose age is above 55 or retirement on medical grounds.

2.  The account to run for a maximum 24 months.

3.  The 50% funds transferred to FOSA to earn 5% interest p.a. on monthly balances.

4.   Utilise maximum 50% of the BOSA deposits net of all liabilities in the Sacco.

5.   Open monthly standing order from the Golden account to Fosa savings account.

6.   You can access Fosa advance against this deposit.


1.  Discharge letter (retirement letter); and

2.  You will be expected to provide the latest payslip and provide proof that the pension will be channeled through Mwalimu Fosa.

The way it would work:

1.  As you approach mandatory/voluntary retirement, engage Mwalimu on the amount you wish to access from BOSA in a phased manner. This amount will be pegged at a maximum of 50% of your deposits at the time.

2.   The funds will be moved to a FOSA Golden Account from where a standing order is drawn.

3.   The monthly standing order will transfer the agreed calculated amount to your FOSA Savings Account on 1st of each month.

4.   From the regular flow of this funds through the standing order, you are eligible to access ALL the FOSA products that an ordinary salaried member would access.

Karibu Loan

Mwalimu National is offering a tailor made product to Newly employed Teachers and Intern Teachers.

Product features:

  1. Interest is 1.5% per month.
  2. Eligible to newly employed TSC Teachers and Intern Teachers with Diploma and above.
  3. One must fill the Society’s Membership application to join the SACCO as a member.
  4. Repayment period is within 90 days (3 months) upon receipt of first salary.
  5. Maximum loan amount is KShs. 60,000.00 for newly employed TSC Teachers disbursed in three tranches of KShs 20,000.00 per month for three months.
  6. Maximum loan amount is KShs. 30,000.00 for Intern Teachers disbursed in three tranches of KShs 10,000.00 per month for three months.
  7. The recovery period will be 5 months for each tranche.
  8. 90 days grace period from the date of loan disbursement.
  9. Mode of recovery is salary, but any other legal source of funds is acceptable.


  • Posting letter from TSC.
  • Copy of ID certified by the School Principal or Deputy Principal
  • Pay-point form signed by the School Principal or Deputy.
  • One guarantor.
  • Copy of TSC casualty returns

Salary in Advance

  • The Interest Rate is 5%.
  • Maximum amount borrowed is 80% of your net salary or S.A.Y.E
  • Repayable @ the end of the month

FOSA Instant Credit (36 Months)

  • FOSA instant credit (36 months)
  • Interest rate @ 1.5% per month on reducing balance
  • Repayment period is 36 months.
  • Maximum amount granted is your net pay or savings under S.A.Y.E x 20

FOSA Instant Credit (12 Months)

  • Interest rate is 1.25% Per month.
  • Repayment period is 12 months.
  • Maximum amount granted is your net salary x12.
  • Maximum amount granted is your savings under S.A.Y.E x 12.






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